Terms and conditions World Royal Protection

Cancellation Insurance

- Reimbursement of travel cancellation or change fees up to 5,000 euros per person per claim in case of:

  • All risks: any demonstrable sudden unexpected event making the booked trip impossible (up to 20,000 euros per trip, no more than twice per year)
  • Flight delay

- Ticket cancellation: reimbursement of the cancellation fee up to 500 euros per person per claim. 


Personal assistance

Unlimited medical expenses abroad.

- Subsequent medical expenses in Belgium up to 6,250 euros after an accident abroad.

- Cover of pre-existing conditions.

Payment of 50 euros per day in case of hospital admission.

- Accommodation extension or upgrade for medical reasons.

- Early return in the event of a family member’s serious illness or death.

- Assistance in the event of death and psychological assistance.

- Trip reimbursement: compensation of your trip up to 5,000 euros in case of repatriation.

- Assistance in the event of theft or loss of travel items and travel or identity documents.

Catastrophe coverage: natural disasters and terrorism.

- Travel accident benefit up to 12,000 euros in the event of permanent disability or death.


Insurance of travel items/ luggage

- Compensation up to 2,500 euros in the event of theft or damage.

Reimbursement of strictly necessary purchases up to 625 euros.

Compensation of valuables up to 1,250 euros per person .


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