Booking Services

Business travellers use UNIGLOBEs services to find the best travel options at the most competitive rates. UNIGLOBE combines negotiated tariffs with innovative travel technology and global market knowledge to guarantee the most competitive ticket prices for business travellers, without compromising on travel quality.

Our business travellers enjoy the most competitive tariffs

Efficient and advantageous

UNIGLOBE greatly simplifies the booking process. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will manage all your travel requests. Bookings and/or reservations can be arranged quickly by e-mail or telephone. UNIGLOBE Travel Consultants manage each travel request with the utmost care and attention, without time constraints, to ensure that you can rely on their total commitment, expertise and experience at all times. Booking via your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will save time and generate better travel options.

  • simple application process
  • rapid response
  • comprehensive package
  • best travel options
  • personal follow-up
  • including after-care

UNIGLOBE Travel Consultants have the appropriate expertise and experience to manage your travel programme efficiently and cost effectively. They are familiar with your specific organisational requirements, are aware of individual travel needs and continually monitor the market. Backed up by innovative travel technology, UNIGLOBE Travel Consultants are able to offer business travellers the best international tariffs. You will receive a comprehensive range of travel options and cost saving route alternatives within the hour.

Global Fares

The global network gives business travellers access to highly competitive flight, rail, ferry, hotel and hire car tariffs.

Global Fares

Route deals

We identify potential cost saving tariff deals by permanently analysing your travel patterns and travel volume. UNIGLOBE takes the initiative on your behalf to obtain additional discounts and other specific travel advantages. To this end your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant keeps in touch with relevant suppliers.


Smart Ticketing & Creative Routing

Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant knows how to deploy and optimise international market knowledge and innovative travel technology to guarantee the best travel options and smartest routes. The use of creative pricing techniques also guarantees business travellers the most competitive prices.

Creative Routing

Our booking guarantees

  • UNIGLOBE clients don't have to wait; travel applications receive a response within the hour.
  • UNIGLOBE guarantees travellers the best tariffs without compromising on quality.
  • UNIGLOBE reservations are subject to stringent quality controls and are always confirmed by telephone or e-mail.
  • UNIGLOBE ensures that all tickets are issued correctly and delivered in good time; even in urgent cases! uses cookies - read more Close this message Close this message