Travel Comfort

UNIGLOBE Travel Travel supports business travellers throughout each stage of the travel process. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will plan your business trips with maximum efficiency, manage all your reservations and, if necessary, provide support whilst you are travelling.

Flexibility and client focused approach. Without additional cost. That is what makes UNIGLOBE Travel Travel a unique business travel partner.


Service: highly personal

This is our main objective. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will manage all your travel requests. Business travellers can rely at all times on the expertise and commitment of our experienced consultants. UNIGLOBE is not bound by time constrictions. Personal contact with your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant promotes smooth cooperation and guarantees quality travel. UNIGLOBE is focused on your travel comfort. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will gladly take the time to assist you, consider possible travel alternatives and be proactive in providing advice on better travel options. We can reduce your travel cost without compromising on travel quality. Travel comfort has a direct impact on the productivity and performance of business travellers. That is why your comfort is our main priority.

Booking services

Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant is familiar with your requirements. We analyse your individual travel needs and monitor your travel patterns, which enables us to tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

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Always available

With UNIGLOBE, business travellers can rely on the best possible travel options at the most competitive tariffs. UNIGLOBE is available 24/7. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant is easily accessible by telephone or e-mail. Business travellers can contact our international helpline at any time outside office hours.

UNIGLOBE Rescue Line

Your travel profile. Bespoke solutions.

UNIGLOBE carefully manages and implements your travel profile. Your preferences are recorded and taken into account whenever reservations are made. Any information – from passport data to frequent flyer numbers – is recorded in our booking systems, which saves time and guarantees a foolproof service.

Travel quality, our concern

UNIGLOBE continually subjects your bookings to quality controls in order to guarantee that your reservations always match your personal travel profile and organisational policy.

Using our automated reservation management system, we look for the best travel options that match your preferences from the time of the request right through to the time of departure. Reservations are only completed when they meet your travel criteria as closely as possible.

Ticket price checks to ensure that you always receive the most favourable tariff.
Seating controls to provide you with your preferred seat whenever possible.
Waiting list controls to ensure that you can still leave on your preferred flight whenever possible.
Visa assistance


If you are travelling to a country with specific visa requirements, UNIGLOBE will complete all the necessary formalities on your behalf. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will complete your application and manage the entire process until delivery. Quickly and correctly.

Frequent Flyer follow-up

Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will permanently manage and follow-up your loyalty programmes. We will be happy to make recommendations on the best loyalty programmes on the basis of your travel patterns. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Agent not only manages registrations but also tries to get maximum value for money for all your bookings.

Frequent flyer follow-up

Travel insurance

Risk free business travel? UNIGLOBE offers a comprehensive package of travel insurance options at favourable tariffs. Business travel on behalf of your company is risk free with our cancellation and travel assistance insurance. Our exclusive ticket insurance scheme ensures that business travellers only pay when they actually travel.

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Transfers & shuttles

Transfers & shuttles

Transport to/from the airport, station or hotel at home and abroad is reserved by your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant to prevent you from losing valuable time. Moreover, you will not have to worry about payment whilst travelling. UNIGLOBE will include this travel cost in your travel dossier.

100% comfort

Travel alerts

No unpleasant surprises during business trips. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will regularly update you on the status of your reservations and alert you in good time of route or flight schedule changes. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant will also provide advice and assistance in the event of an emergency.

Travel alerts