Carbon offset

An increasing number of companies, organisations and authorities are gaining awareness of the consequences of their flights on the climate. UNIGLOBE offers a pragmatic solution with Green Seats, a unique carbon offset option.

How does carbon offset work?

When a company wants to reduce its CO2 emissions, GreenSeat and Uniglobe Travel conduct an audit and make a calculation of the CO2 emissions resulting from its flights.

Based on these findings, a cooperation agreement is concluded between the customer and GreenSeat. UNIGLOBE Travel head office then registers the offset option in the customer’s account. GreenSeat invoices the costs of climate offset directly to the customer. On a basis of this, GreenSeat provides participating organisations with an official certificate of offset each year.

What does a GreenSeat cost?

The costs of offsetting carbon emissions depend on the number of kilometres flown. The price of a GreenSeat lies between 2% and 5% of the ticket price. For companies that frequently purchase seats in business class, it is around 1%-2%.

The offset applies to the emission of all greenhouse gases. In addition to CO2, each flight also emits other greenhouse gases which contribute twice as much to an increase in the greenhouse effect - especially in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases are converted into CO2 equivalents. So only organisations choosing to compensate all greenhouse gases fly climate-neutral.

Environmentally conscious business traveller? Discover UG Green Seats.

Wat kost een GreenSeat?

De kosten van compensatie zijn afhankelijk van het aantal gevlogen kilometers. De prijs van een GreenSeat ligt tussen de 2% en 5% van de ticketprijs. Bij bedrijven die veel business class vliegen is dit rond de 1 à 2%.

De uitstoot wordt voor alle broeikasgassen gecompenseerd. Naast CO² komen er bij elke vlucht namelijk ook andere broeikasgassen vrij die, zeker in hogere luchtlagen, tweemaal zoveel bijdragen aan een versterkt broeikaseffect. Deze broeikasgassen worden omgerekend naar CO²-equivalenten. Enkel organisaties die ervoor kiezen om alle broeikasgassen te compenseren vliegen dus klimaatneutraal. uses cookies - read more Close this message Close this message