24/7 Rescue Line

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide assistance via the unique UNIGLOBE Rescue Line, which enables business travellers to reach us easily even outside office hours in cases of emergency.

Travel schedules unfortunately do not always go to plan. Changed times, missed flights, overbookings are a few examples. For these reasons, our business travellers are offered the UNIGLOBE Rescue Line. For our customers, the travel agent is always open, 24/7.

Your travellers wanting urgent assistance can very easily call the free telephone number and give their code. This assistance concerns all UNIGLOBE services, including flights, rental cars and hotels.

Our employees have access to your personal travel information and can help you with all changes, additions or problems. You are assured that all confidentiality and quality standards are guaranteed.

A single phone call is enough.

  • Loss/theft of your credit card: Via the UNIGLOBE Rescue Line, you can immediately have your credit card blocked.
  • Lost luggage: Also use the UNIGLOBE Rescue Line to pick up your lost luggage.
  • Executive Message Center: This service enables you to leave a message for your employees or your family. Or other people can leave a message for you.