A well-considered policy significantly reduces travel costs.

Because of the economic crisis, many companies have decided to cut back seriously on a number of business trips in the hope of limiting their expenditure. However, a large number of these firms forget that these costs can also be dealt with by using a properly defined travel policy. This, way, the expenditure brought about by business trips can be significantly reduced without an impact on quality or comfort. To help companies to organise their business trips optimally, UNIGLOBE offers the proper expertise and a personal approach.

Travel expenses take up a large part of costs in many firms. It is nonetheless remarkable that few enterprises have devised a well thought out policy in this regard, which means that many unnecessary expenses arise. Among other things, it is remarkable how often business trips are booked at the very last minute, although the date had been set much sooner. If the booking had been made earlier, a cheaper ticket could have been purchased. Companies do not realise the savings they can make without quality being affected. A large number of firms do not even know how much they spend on business travel.

Make sure you call on UNIGLOBE’s specialised services to optimise your travel policy. UNIGLOBE is more than a travel agent. We provide services that support customers in all aspects of their travelling. Entrepreneurs can contact us for an analysis of their current business travel policy. We then develop a savings plan, in which we always respect specific and measurable targets. Of course, working with the customer in a personal relationship is crucial. UNIGLOBE also delivers considerable savings in terms of time and effort too, so that business travellers can fully focus on their core activities.

Furthermore, what is unique about UNIGLOBE is that it consults a maximum number of price sources. We analyse travel schedules and prices from the broadest possible selection of providers. The online offer is also looked into. This enables us to select the prices that really are the cheapest. In addition, we are also particularly close to our customers. UNIGLOBE is a major international travel organisation, but we always address the local market. We have twenty branches in Belgium, so that we can always maintain personal contact with our customers.

Experience has taught us that companies which implement a strict business travel policy with UNIGLOBE save on average between 8% and 15% on their travel budget without the traveller having to make any concessions whatsoever in terms of the comfort or quality of his or her business trip. Companies with a less strict business trip policy can benefit from even higher percentages of savings thanks to our intervention.