4 reasons to travel in first class by train

July 05, 2019

A ticket in 1st class can cost a lot less than you think. The price difference with 2nd class is sometimes relatively small, depending on the time you book and the occupancy rate of the train.

More legroom, seats with adjustable backs, individual sockets and international newspapers and magazines: these are just some of the benefits that you can expect in first class. And once you have experienced the comfort of traveling by train in 1st class, you may never want to go back to second class


1. Access to the lounge
If you still have to wait, then you better do it in a pleasant environment. With a first class * train ticket you have access to a number of lounges in dozens of European train stations: the Thalys Lounge & More, the Eurostar Business Premier Lounges, the DB Lounges and the NS International Lounges.

These comfortable lounges offer free Wi-Fi, refreshments and international newspapers and magazines. Most lounges also have meeting rooms, so you can continue working while you wait.

* Premium on board Thalys and Business Premier on Eurostar trains


2. A meal on board
A meal or breakfast is included in the price of your ticket if you travel in Standard Premier or Business Premier with Eurostar, or in Premium with Thalys. A bonus: the meal is served at your seat so you can start immediately ;-)

ICE travelers in 1st class can also order a meal at their seat, but at an additional cost.


3. Travel in comfort
It may seem like a banality to some, but a little extra comfort can mean a lot during your trip. The seats in first-class coaches have more legroom, so you don't even have to get up to stretch your legs. And you will notice that when you arrive at your destination as fresh as a hen.

In general it is also a lot quieter to travel in first (or business) class. An upgrade to 1st class gives you the peace and quiet you want, whether it's to prepare a business meeting or just to be able to relax completely.


4. Save (precious) time
Time is money! That is why the first-class coaches from Eurostar and Thalys are always in a strategic position in the composition of the train, so that these passengers are closest to the exit. And if you travel in Business Premier with Eurostar, you can make full use of the lounge up to 10 minutes before the departure of the train, thanks to the express check-in.

In addition, Thalys travelers with a Premium ticket and Eurostar travelers in Business Premier can order a taxi on board, so that their driver is ready when the train arrives.