Dedicated contact person

February 10, 2020

With offices in more than 90 countries and headquarters in Vancouver, UNIGLOBE is the largest independent travel organization in the world. In the Belux, UNIGLOBE has no less than 15 offices where you can go for all your business and leisure trips. What distinguishes us is the unique UNIGLOBE business model where we achieve maximum cost savings for our customers and provide high quality and personal service. We are an organisation of entrepreneurs, ready and able to create solutions that others in the business world might miss.

Local presence - personal service
Through our worldwide network, you are therefore assured of a passionate travel expert in your area who combines the best of both worlds: the power of an international organisation and a highly personal approach. We always start our collaboration with an analysis of your needs and wishes. We go for an ideal travel policy for you and your organisation, from SME to multinational.

Permanent contact
At UNIGLOBE you can count on a minimum of 1 fixed contact person and a minimum of 1 backup contact person. This way your questions and travel files will be handled most efficiently, taking into account your specific wishes and needs, because we know them!

No anonymous call centre
We may be able to call on our international purchasing power and expertise, but the cooperation with our customers always takes place in a local and personal way. With us, you don't end up in an anonymous call centre, where you are always assigned a different contact person.

Personal meet & greet
Collaboration runs most smoothly based on personal contact. That's why we find it important to introduce ourselves personally through a meet & greet and get to know the specific travel needs of your company. We then map them out so that we can take them into account again and again.

Complete handling from A to Z
Your regular UNIGLOBE contact person arranges everything from A to Z and also ensures the follow-up and compliance with the Travel Policy. But it goes much further than that. He or she also offers (pro)active help in case of problems and calamities (Duty of Care). 

That is our strength, that is our promise!