SN Brussels Airlines Boutique Hotel

April 02, 2019

With Brussels Airlines, the journey is just as important as the destination. With an investment of 10 million euros per aircraft, all long-haul aircraft will be equipped with a completely new Business Class. The interior was designed in collaboration with JPA Design and offers the feeling of a boutique hotel at a height of 10 km. The Art Nouveau patterns and Belgian hospitality emphasize the small-scale and personal experience. Belgian gastronomy is also a common thread throughout the experience through the collaboration with star chefs, a self-service bar with Belgian beers and of course Belgian chocolates. The first renewed A330 will be operational in April 2019.


Premium Economy, the most relaxing experience

With its new long-haul travel experience, Brussels Airlines also launches a brand new travel class. The new Premium Economy Class is completely separated from the other classes, creating a quiet and relaxed environment with soft purple and blue colours. A premium seat with increased private space, comfortable cushioning and an expanded armrest allow to travel undisturbed. A 38” seat pitch (23% more legroom compared to Economy Class), a wider seat with a bigger headrest and a generous 40° seat recline allow for a relaxing sleep. Its warm and joyful design with a red touch is a signature of the Brussels Airlines brand. The 13.3” HD screen is one of the largest HD Premium Economy screens in Europe. On top of that, a large table includes AC & USB power plugs so guests can stay productive throughout their flight. Like everywhere, Brussels Airlines offers its ever-personal service in Premium Economy, on top of an upgraded culinary experience, a water bottle and hot towel, and later during the flight ice cream as a movie snack.