Adults-only hotels have never been more popular

July 18, 2018

Holidays by air with a stay at a hotel that is only for adults are becoming increasingly popular. As we speak, as many as one in five hotels of the large chains is ‘adults only’. Vacation hotels where under 16s are not allowed are exerting a growing appeal on those looking for peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet

The ‘adults-only’ trend - to wit: children under 16 are not welcome - has caught the attention of the holiday industry. More and more hotel chains are catering to childless couples. Whereas some hotels set themselves apart by offering spectacular slides and children’s animation, other hotels do exactly the opposite. Colourful playgrounds are being replaced with quiet places such as leafy gardens and all noisy animation is banned. All adults-only hotels share one common trait: they mainly offer tranquillity, an increasingly sought-after commodity in these hectic times. As a result, adults-only hotels are not just popular with singles and childless couples but also with parents looking to spend some quality time without the kids in tow.

Broader range

Until recently adults-only hotels were the prerogative of the luxury segment and childless holidays were reserved for tranquillity seekers with deep pockets. However, due to growing demand, more and more hotels catering to the middle and budget segments are starting to market this formula. The offer has become as varied as with family holidays so that most anyone can now enjoy a childless holiday. The number of destinations has expanded as well. Not so long ago an adults-only stay meant flying to the Caribbean. Today adults-only hotels can also be found in such destinations as Spain and Greece.     


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