The mobility solution of Olympus, partner of Uniglobe


In conjunction with Olympus Mobility we offer a single access via smartphone to public transportation, shared transport and parking options. Simplified budget management, transparent reporting and a single invoice for all the mobility costs of your business.

In addition, we also aim to relieve businesses of all red tape regarding mobility processes thanks to the mileage registration of the commute to and from work and job-related travel. A simplified report presents an overview of the mileage allowance per employee.



A single app and a single invoice for all mobility-related costs? That is exactly what Olympus delivers. It’s both a sales channel and a management portal that can be personalised per employee. 

Would your company like to implement a mobility budget for employees who sometimes use public transportation and/or shared transport? Or would you like to include a budget for alternative transportation in your cafeteria plan or for work-related travel?


Olympus makes it much easier to combine different modes of transport in an intelligent way: car, train, shared bicycle or car, tram, metro, bus, car parking. You’re guaranteed to save time and costs, both for your employees and as a business.

With Olympus as a partner Uniglobe wants to offer a solution in this regard.



Multi-budget management

The app lets you manage three budgets at the same time: business budget, mobility budget and private budget, in accordance with GDPR guidelines, the legislation on mobility budget, NSSO regulations including adjusted reporting for simple input for the purpose of payroll calculations.

Mobility budget  

  • Mobility budget implemented in accordance with the applicable legislation

  • Tax-friendly budget allotted by the employer


Business budget

  • Budget for work-related travel and/or cafeteria plan

  • Budget allotted by the employer


Private budget

  • Private budget linked to the employee’s own bank or credit card

  • Completely separate from the employer


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