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Recent research showed that most online booking tools (OBT) for the professional travel segment are in urgent need of improvement. They no longer meet the needs of contemporary business travellers and offer companies too few functionalities to support their travel policy.


Uniglobe zakenreis aanbod - travel managers


Uniglobe has an intimate understanding of our customers’ unique and complex travel needs. That is why we invest in the necessary technology and digital solutions, both for business travellers and Travel Managers. Moreover, we don’t focus exclusively on the breadth of our offer, but just as much on quality and the relevance. After all, no one benefits from an overwhelming choice of accommodations, flights, transfers and other services if they are not geared to the travellers’ wishes or if they conflict with the travel policy.


The widest range


Our priority is to ensure that business travellers have access to the tools and support they need to make their business trips safer, more agreeable and more productive than ever before. That is why our solutions and services are tailored to the end user, with a generous range of options.


Uniglobe business trips - flights 


Both Direct connect, GDS, supplemented with low-cost



Uniglobe business trips - hotels  


Reputable partners such as, H-Corpo, Ratehawk and Restel.



Uniglobe business trips - car rental  

Car rental

Preferential car rental companies via GDS and Sunny Cars.


Uniglobe business trips - trains 


Different train providers in Europe and the United States.



The smartest range


Uniglobe is aware that managing an effective travel programme can be quite complex. Ubi (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence) gives travel managers and business travellers more control over their travel budget and enables them to boost the team’s efficiency. The range is presented in an intelligent way.




Uniglobe zakenreizen - Uniglobe booking intelligence“When travelling for work business travellers want access to the same offer they know from their holiday trips. In order to do so, they often have to use multiple systems and booking engines. This is far from efficient but with UBI (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence) it’s child’s play! “