Booking independently or with assistance (online/offline)



Ubi (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence) is our brand-new, state-of-the-art reservation tool for small, medium-sized and international companies wishing to manage their business travel in a cost-efficient and streamlined manner. 

With Ubi you benefit from a powerful hybrid solution that combines the best of both worlds: independent online booking and optional assistance if necessary.


 Use the integrated chat and email function to request assistance from your trusted Uniglobe contact for more complex bookings.


 For instance, reservations can easily be exchanged, fine-tuned and finalised.


 Moreover, as a customer this also gives you additional quality control as you can call on the expertise of our Travel Consultants.


 You can choose which trips to book online, online with assistance or completely offline.


Uniglobe - Online booking tool - Hybrid solution: book independently or with assistance



Ubi - Uniglobe Booking Intelligence - De online booking tool van Uniglobe“You can manage your bookings independently but if necessary you can still contact your Uniglobe travel consultant via the integrated chat and email function.”





Uniglobe - Online booking Tool - Gratis demo


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