(Cost)-efficient business travel management


Uniglobe boasts strong and innovative IT tools, developed in partnership with renowned international players. These tools allow you to manage your business travel with optimum (cost)-efficiency.


Uniglobe Booking Intelligence - online booking tool

Ubi (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence) is our brand-new, state-of-the-art reservation tool for small, medium-sized and international companies wishing to manage their business travel in a cost-efficient and streamlined manner.

  Ubi gives you access to the most extensive online business travel offer available today.


 You benefit from the best available rates of our worldwide network that spans every continent.


 Ubi lets you combine different airlines seamlessly e.g. combining regular and low-cost airlines.


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Uniglobe Profiles

Uniglobe Profiles is an efficient and professional profile management solution.


 With the online Uniglobe Profiles tool, setting up, storing and updating traveller profiles is simple, quick and safe.


 With Uniglobe Profiles the profiles are synchronised with our online booking tool Uniglobe Booking Intelligence. 


Uniglobe Profiles automatically notifies travellers in case of an expired passport or credit card. This guarantees up-to-date profile data, problem-free bookings and adherence to the data privacy regulations linked to the European GDPR.

Uniglobe Crisis Assistance Plus

Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP ™) distinguishes itself by providing active help on-site in the event of calamities.


 If a health, safety or security-related event occurs that has or may have consequences for travelling employees, CAP ™ is available 24/7 to inform, advise and, if necessary, provide coordinated assistance in the country in question.


  CAP ™ Medical can be concluded for additional medical care.


 Membership is available on a yearly or single-trip basis. This way we enable our clients to meet their Duty of Care.

Uniglobe Rapportage tool

An interactive and dynamic dashboard provides an insight in your travel data, which is essential to analyse booking behaviour in depth and be able to formulate an efficient travel policy.

 A handy dashboard gives you an instant view of all crucial statistics, which can be broken down in detail.


 It provides the perfect basis for an initial analysis and formulating a travel policy.


 However, the tool is just as useful to make adjustments when and where necessary e.g. when travel plans deviate too far from the implemented policy.