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Whether it’s an exotic cruise, a safari, an adventure in South America or a fun city trip, our Uniglobe experts have travelled the world and are chomping at the bit to assist you with their knowledge and experience.

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Are you looking to get away from ready-made travel packages and try something new? Then our à la carte offer is just what you’re looking for. A made-to-measure vacation that caters to your every need and wish. We pore over every detail and add a personal touch to make it a holiday you will remember for years to come.


A virtual world trip in a single day to sample the possibilities


8.15 am Tokyo: Hush-Hush

Uniglobe - vakantiereizen - japan

After a comfortable flight and a wonderful night’s rest a traditional Japanese breakfast at Hush-Hush is just what the doctor ordered. Run by a group of fruit and vegetable experts, it’s no surprise that their professional and delectable freshly prepared products are the star of the breakfast buffet. This is supplemented with traditional Japanese breakfast products such as grilled fish, rice and miso soup.


09.30 am Dubai: Rub al-Khali desert

Uniglobe vakantiereizen - Dubai

Being shaken like a rag doll on an adventurous jeep safari in the Rub al-Khali desert near Dubai before the searing heat claims the landscape for the day. Sitting atop a giant sand dune savouring the peace and quiet or discovering the vast expanse of the endless sand plains atop a camel. Scientists compare the landscape to the circumstances on Mars.


12.45 pm Northern Spain: Tapas and wine

Uniglobe vakantiereizen - Spanje

Sampling delicious tapas and a good glass of Rioja in one of the many bodegas. The region around the wine capital Logroño is not just dotted with monasteries and churches but also with modernist and contemporary (wine) cathedrals, the ideal backdrop for a memorable lunch. The red Rioja wines owe their rich taste and profound red colour to the Tempranillo grape.


1.30 pm Costa Rica: Canoe trip Tortuguero

Uniglobe vakantiereizen - Costa Rica

The perfect start to the afternoon with an outing in a dugout canoe on the canals of the Parque Nacional Tortuguero, one of the most breathtaking nature adventures in Costa Rica. The park is a habitat for sea cows, caymans and hundreds of bird species. The beaches are a popular breeding ground for sea turtles or tortugas, hence the name of the park.


3.20 pm Scotland: Hiking in the Highlands

Uniglobe vakantiereizen - Schotland

Hiking and taking in the serenity and natural beauty of your surroundings. And recharging your batteries while sipping a wonderful single malt whisky. Enchanting landscapes, vast lakes, green hills, picturesque villages and centuries-old castles... Every 500 metres you could stop to take pictures.


5.10 pm Tanzania: Safari in the Serengeti

Uniglobe vakantiereizen - Tanzania

Observing wild animals in their natural habitat is the perfect way to become one with nature. The central part of the Serengeti teems with wildlife, from lions to hippos and elephants. Concealed in the tall grass or frolicking in the water near one of the many watering holes.


6.25 pm Mauritius: Sunset on the beach

Uniglobe vakantiereizen - Mauritius

Enjoying a beautiful sunset after a wonderfully relaxing day at the beach. With its pearly white beaches, azure lagoons and swaying palm trees, the beaches of Mauritius personify the traditional concept of heaven on earth. No wonder that the exotic island is such a favourite among beach enthusiasts and honeymooners.


8.30 pm Copenhagen: Dining at Noma

Uniglobe vakantiereizen - Zweden

Exclusive dining at Noma. This is undoubtedly one of the top gastronomic experiences in the world. This Michelin-starred restaurant in an old factory building has become a destination in itself in Copenhagen. The plates are not only a joy to behold, the flavour sensations the kitchen brigade serves up send your taste buds into rapture.