More sustainable travel through CO2 offsetting


Unfortunately nearly every form of transport emits CO2. At the moment CO2 offsetting is the only way to neutralise the negative impact on the climate. Uniglobe works with Greentripper to offer trips that make CO2 offsetting possible.


Greentripper, an initiative by CO2logic

Greentripper was founded by CO2logic, a company with 12 years of experience in the evaluation and development of climate projects and that partners with local NGOs.

CO2logic was the first organisation in Belgium - and one of the pioneers in Europe - to offer their customers CO2 neutrality by calculating, reducing and offsetting their CO2 impact.


How does CO2 offsetting work?

You compensate your CO2 emissions through a financial contribution to a CO2 reduction project in developing countries. Your contribution is used to realise a reduction in CO2 in this project that matches the CO2 impact of your trip. Without your contribution, this reduction would not take place.


"By offsetting the CO2 emissions of your trip you are giving families in developing countries access to energy-saving solutions, renewable energy sources and, more importantly, a better future thanks to a sustainable socioeconomic development with low CO2 emissions."


Efficient cookstoves in Ghana

Greentripper and CO2logic support first-rate certified climate projects.

These are mainly projects that have been awarded Gold Standard (founded by the WWF and other NGOs) and that focus not just on environmental benefits but also on socioeconomic and cultural aspects.


The aim is to lower the environmental impact of travel thanks to a certified CO2 offsetting system. 

Conventional cooking methods using solid fuels on an open fire or rudimentary cooking devices are inefficient, unhealthy and dangerous.

The negative effects range from the large amount of time required to collect wood/carbon to the negative impact on public health and the environment.