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UNIGLOBE is active worldwide through a stable franchise network so you will find us near you, wherever you are! Our customers can always call on a travel expert near their home who combines the best of both worlds: the strength of an international organisation and a highly personalised approach.



Global Solutions 

Through Global Solutions, a division of UNIGLOBE Travel, we cater to the unique business travel needs of multinationals looking for ideas, flexibility, transparency and reliability.


The success of global programmes is guaranteed thanks to the support provided by a global network of local travel experts.


Managed and supported from Vancouver, this global network boasts a unique wealth of travel management experience thanks to a personalised approach, creative recommendations and transparent reporting.





UNIGLOBE generates an annual turnover in excess of € 4 billion. “Good for you”, I can hear you thinking. Well, yes... but because this makes us an interesting partner to airlines and other suppliers this is also excellent news for you as a customer. The more competitive prices they give us result in a welcome reduction of your travel expenses while guaranteeing the same quality and service you have come to expect. In other words, our turnover is also to your advantage!

Analysis of expenses


Permanent in-depth analysis enables us to direct your expenses and maximise your value for money. UNIGLOBE negotiates with key players such as airlines, hotels and car rental companies to secure volume-based discount schemes. Moreover, the strong relationship UNIGLOBE has built over the years with the leading suppliers in the industry is an important asset in case of unexpected problems.




If you’d like to know more about our global services then please feel free
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