How to save the most on your business travel

May 14, 2020

Alas... travelling isn’t in the cards yet. Nevertheless, you can already start preparing for future business trips. This is the perfect moment to analyse your travel costs and identify potential savings. In recent years Uniglobe has invested heavily in modern technology. Meanwhile several of our customers have started using our brand-new online booking tool, giving them better control of their travel budget. It’s about much more than just competitive rates. There are many more advantages to be had.


Eva Juchtmans, Travel Technology Manager at Uniglobe, explains in which respects Ubi (Uniglobe booking intelligence) truly sets itself apart from other online booking systems so you can achieve maximum savings.


1) Unique combination possibilities

Ubi lets users combine different airlines seamlessly e.g. combining regular and low-cost airlines, or an outbound flight with airline X and a return journey with airline Y. Within classic travel booking systems this is technically impossible but Ubi gets it done in the blink of an eye. The combination of two one-way tickets is also something that is automatically proposed by the Smart Ticketing Technology. Sometimes this can result in a significant cost advantage.



2) The best available rates

Ubi gives you access to the best available rates of our worldwide network on every continent. This is where Uniglobe’s international purchasing power truly makes the difference. In addition to the regular offer, we also have our own Uniglobe contract rates and tour operator rates. The most beneficial rates in this global marketplace are automatically suggested.



3) Integrated travel policy

Ubi can be entirely custom-tailored to your company or organisation - just think of the integration of your travel policy with accompanying warnings, which can be either restrictive or merely indicative, or the possibility to install transparent (pre-)acceptance rules (‘approval flow’) to leave nothing to chance. You can set rules on who gets to travel, at what rates or conditions, economy or business class, which airlines, ... giving you full control of your travel budget.


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